Photograph courtesy of Stephen Rees



Jenny Rees b. 1956 -

I have lived in the county of Pembrokeshire in West Wales for almost 30 years. It is the first place I have ever felt ‘at home’. Most of my photography takes place here. Having said that, I consider myself a global citizen, not because I travel a great deal, but because my mind and heart share the concerns of all inhabitants of our planet. I wish for a peaceful world where we respect differences and cherish life in its many forms. I mention this because I believe my life philosophy, I am a Buddhist, cannot be separated from my creative work.

I came to photography fairly late in life, I was previously a musician. Both of these strands of my creativity have found me most [but not inclusively] at home and inspired by nature. The movements of the tides, of the seasons, of birth and death, of growth and decay, the transitions of night into day and day into night - in these I find endless inspiration. Time spent working in nature reminds me of the beauty and fragility of the natural world and the precious nature of the life, including ourselves, that it sustains.

Other influences and inspiration are found in literature, music and art, including the works of fellow photographers. Here are just a few:

Basho. Anton Bruckner. Valda Bailey. Buddha. John Coletrane. Julia Margaret Cameron. Harry Callahan. Claude Debussy. Chris Friel. Sofia Gubaidulina. Ernst Haas. Hiroshige. Hokusai. Aida Muluneh. John Piper. Rembrandt. Josef Sudek. Graham Sutherland. Chris Tannock. Toru Takemitsu. J.R.R. Tolkien.

and of course……….. my friends, my family and my husband Stephen.